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Could you inspire a whole new generation of Young Animators?

We’d love you to get your young people to be the writers, directors and producers of their very own own stop frame animations. Taking inspiration from their favourite book, film or TV characters, using the storyboarding and set building resources and the simple and free to use Animator app, they can do just that.


Topic ideas and activities

Ideas for activities to run alongside your Short Tail Trail art project.


Five Ways to Wellbeing

At Keech Hospice Care we know ‘we can’t put days into life, but we can put life into days’. A big part of living longer and staying well is about being happy. Studies have shown – whatever our age – we’re happier if we make these five things part of our life:

  • Be active and healthy
  • Connect
  • Keep learning
  • Give to others
  • Take notice

Our Five Ways to Wellbeing gives you simple, fun activities for you to do as a class or group, building them into the school day or programme, even if you can only spare a minute!

What’s more, the activity ideas are designed to fit in with PSHE and Citizenship programmes, covering core themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.

Some of the activities are also linked to ‘giving’ to Keech Hospice Care – a direct connection to your involvement with The Short Tail Trail.

We hope you enjoy these activities and the encourage your group to be active, build positive relationships, stretch their minds, feed their curiosity, and help them care about the world and their place in it.


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