Our sculpture is a testament to unity and tolerance within our diverse school. It signifies respect to our faith and embraces multiculturalism, celebrating the variety of backgrounds in our community. The inclusion of different ethnicities and religious symbols reflects our dedication to inclusivity and empathy. Peaceful elements like doves and flowers compliment the sculpture, symbolising harmony, and tranquility. Engraved with our school’s mission statement, the sculpture signifies our commitment to creating a loving and compassionate environment guided by the teachings from the Bible. It stands as a representation of our values and beliefs, embodying the spirit of our school community.

Win a small hare!

We’re giving you the opportunity to win and take home one of our small hare sculptures, Starry Eyes.

For just £5 a ticket, you could be the lucky winner of this unique creation. Every ticket purchased will help Keech Hospice Care continue to make a difference when it matters most.

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