The hare looks like it’s gazing into space & the galaxy. This inspired my design, which just popped into my head. As I love anything to do with the stars and astronomy I decided to name my hare Nebula. When people look at my design, I want it to remind people to take time out of their day and just look at the stars. Relax and realise what is going on around you. My design is lots of fun colourful puzzle pieces coming together to make a nice solution. Which reminds me of our school, we are all different but come together to make something special, unique and a really fun place to be.

Win a small hare!

We’re giving you the opportunity to win and take home one of our small hare sculptures, Starry Eyes.

For just £5 a ticket, you could be the lucky winner of this unique creation. Every ticket purchased will help Keech Hospice Care continue to make a difference when it matters most.

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