Aesops tale of the hare and the tortoise reminds us that we should never be complacent about anything. Life is sweet! Time moves by so fast and days turn into weeks in the blink of an eye. We need to be present, enjoy the world and all nature has to offer. This hare has been inspired by this fable and has been painted with flowers, leaves and stars in a colourful graphic style celebrating life. Remember, don’t move so fast that you forget to stop and appreciate all the world has to offer! Life is short and nothing lasts forever. So let’s enjoy La Dolce Vita!

Created by: Shirley Copperwhite

Kindly sponsored by Signature Flight Support – home to essential support services for businesses and private aviation.

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The Short Tail Trail is being brought to Luton by Keech Hospice Care. The unique, colourful and energetic sculptures will take centre stage at a glittering auction on Thursday 3 October 2024 to raise vital funds so Keech Hospice Care can continue caring for children, adults and their loved ones with life-limiting illnesses.

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