Our beautiful tortoise Kylian has been designed by a number of pupils to represent our ideas about the importance of the need for a focused view on climate change and sustainability. The animal prints on her legs represent the footprints of animals across the world; the birds of prey represent a link to our school (who’s Houses are named after four species and who’s logo is a Buzzard); and the shell – “The Weight of the World” represents the responsibility of the global community to protect our wonderful world.

Year 7 have chosen the name “Kylian” after the footballer Kylian Mbapp√© who – as well as being an example of an excellent sportsperson – works extremely hard to raise money for disadvantaged children around the world. These are values that we think should be reflected. He is also affectionately referred to as the “Ninja Turtle” by his team mates and this is also reflected visually in the design.

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