‘Jigsaw‘ has been designed by children in St Vincent’s School from our Nursery to our Year 6 children. The puzzle pieces represent individuality. The many shades and tones remind us that we all have unique talents and skills. ‘Jigsaw’ displays letters and numbers as we love learning. Squiggles, swirls and zigzags are joined with musical notes, sewing needles and a paint palette as we have a creative side too! Appreciation for nature is seen in the flowers. Nature can take our breath away, and improve our physical and mental health. The national flags celebrate our school’s culture, traditions and customs, and show our awareness of the wider world and that we can be unified in caring for our world.

Finally, ‘Jigsaw’ has our school logo. He wears it with pride, as do we. People know that we are part of the wider community of Houghton Regis.

Win a small hare!

We’re giving you the opportunity to win and take home one of our small hare sculptures, Starry Eyes.

For just £5 a ticket, you could be the lucky winner of this unique creation. Every ticket purchased will help Keech Hospice Care continue to make a difference when it matters most.

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