Introducing Hatty the hare

Date published: 17 November 2023

Introducing Hatty the hare

Our adventurous hare embarked on an exciting journey to The Mall Luton, in October to take shelfies with the local community as well as offering people the chance to name the trail’s first tail in our fun competition, ‘Name the hare’.

After much hopping and considering, we have crowned our champion! Elodie Ramsey (9) of Luton emerged victorious, naming our hare ‘Hatty’. To celebrate her accomplishment, we invited Elodie and her mum to Keech Hospice Care, where they met Hatty the hare, posed for photos, and received a well-deserved winner’s certificate.

Don’t lose sight of Hatty the hare! She will be making appearances at upcoming events and will be present for the duration of The Short Tail Trail, coming to Luton in the summer of 2024! Keep your eyes peeled for this whimsical creature, and if you spot her make sure you #TakeAShelfie!

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