Hannah Jayne Lewin

Hannah Jayne Lewin

Hannah is a freelance illustrator based in Wakefield. Hannah loves drawing and creating fun characters to make people smile. Her background is in children’s book illustration, but she has also worked on wall murals, licensing designs, and window art.  Hannah is happiest when she is drawing and she is always excited by the next creative challenge.


Her design takes inspiration from Hilda Hewlett, an early aviator and the first British woman to gain her pilot’s license. She ran the first flying school in the UK with Gustav Blondeau and manufactured over 800 airplanes from the Hewlett and Blondeau Headquarters in Luton. 


Her design includes the traditional goggles, hat and aviation attire to an Avro 504 airplane (a design they manufactured.)

“Look out for badges on my hare’s jacket in tribute to some of Hewletts pioneering achievements”.

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