So, what’s it all about?

In summer 2024, 90 hares and tortoises will form the biggest and most unique outdoor public art event Luton’s ever seen. These stunning sculptures will shine bright along the fun and family-friendly art trail around Luton’s town centre and local parks, bringing together the community for one unforgettable event.

Small sculptures – adopted and decorated by schools, colleges and community groups as part of The Short Tail Trail Learning Programme – will form part of the adventure.

The Short Tail Trail will bring together communities and visitors to make amazing memories through creativity. Trail explorers young and old will have fun rediscovering Luton, learning about the artwork and spending time together. Hop on board, get outdoors, walk more and #TakeAShelfie. Share your stories on social media via @shorttailtrail and download The Short Tail Trail app for even more fun! (coming soon!)

And after entertaining and bringing people together, the legacy of The Short Tail Trail continues as the large sculptures will be auctioned to raise vital funds for Keech Hospice Care.

Why short tails?

After the huge success of The Big Trunk Trail, we considered long and hard about what animals would once again bring our community together. The Tortoise and the Hare fable is a much loved and well known story that depicts the importance of working together. As a charity, 70% of Keech Hospice Care’s funding comes from its local community and supporters, without who we can’t keep making the difference when it matters the most. These beautiful hares and tortoises are a visual reminder of the importance of our community coming together to make the difference.

More about Keech Hospice Care

There are so many business benefits to sponsoring a Short Tail Trail sculpture:

  • Gain media exposure for your business
  • Be part of an event which brings thousands of visitors to your local community
  • Improve brand awareness for your business or organisation in a unique and memorable way that will get everyone talking
  • Build a feel-good factor among your employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Align your business with a well-respected local charity which provides vital services for people in your local community
  • Be part of something amazing
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